Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Recovery Nutrition Tips

During training, the body loses fluids and uses muscle glycogen. Carbohydrates and water are needed to recover and perform well in subsequent training sessions.This week, ask yourself three key recovery questions:

1. How recovered do I feel before I start my next workout?

2. Do I have a recovery plan in place after each workout?

3. How's my energy overall?

The one-hour period following a hard bout of exercise is known as the "recovery window." In this time slot, blood flow is greater and muscle cells are more insulin-sensitive, making it the ideal time to replace used energy.

An optimal recovery plan addresses 3 elements:

1. Rehydration.

2. Replacement of carbs along with a little protein.

3. Replacement of lost electrolytes.

In that first hour after exercise, drink one to two cups of water. If you like sports drinks, this is a good time to use them as they will replace fluids while supplying carbs and electrolytes. Electrolytes are potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium, chloride and bicarbonate found in the body that help control fluid balance and the conduction of nerves. Chocolate milk is thought to be an ideal recovery beverage as it covers all three desired elements of a good recovery plan.

A couple examples of post exercise snacks include:

. A banana + whole wheat crackers + peanut butter + water.

. Turkey sandwich + water.

Excerpts taken from “Nutrition Tips: Week 7” found at the Vancouver Sun Online. Read more:

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